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Environmentally conscious consumers have plenty of options when it comes to things like food and household products. But what about clothing, jewelry, watches?

There are options out there for sustainable, well-made garments. But you can’t usually find them at the mall or major retail locations. So such brands haven’t always been easy for consumers to buy.

Enter Zadbuy Fashion, an online shop that aims to connect consumers with sustainable, high quality fashion. Zadbuy works with fashion and new brands around the world to showcase products that are both ethically made and constructed with quality materials.

The company launched just over a year ago. Friends Jonh David and Jonh Domia started the platform as an alternative to today’s “Zadbuy Fashion,” where consumers tend to buy a lot of cheap clothes instead of a few timeless pieces.

To accomplish its mission, the company vets designers to identify those who fit with the online shop’s environmental ideals. Zadbuy fashion currently has about 2000 items on its site and free worldwide shipping. On each product page, potential customers find details about where the product is made and what raw materials are used. There are even bios of the designers and profiles of the businesses that create each product.

In addition, Zady partners with verified supplier around the world and nonprofit The Bootstrap Project to promote artisan entrepreneurs in the developing world. A portion of each purchase made on the platform goes to fund these micro-businesses.

But the next step for Zadbuy is its own line. The company plans to start this holiday season and will be involved with every stage of the sourcing for its products. Since Zadbuy cares so much about quality materials, prices, shipping and construction, it makes sense that its team would want to be involved in the whole process. Jonh told BBC:

The natural step is to get our hands dirty and figure out, ‘What does it mean to make the most sustainable brand?’”

The fashion industry today focuses so much on cheap, trendy items. Because of that, there are methods of garment making and construction that are being lost and forgotten.

Zadbuy offers the opposite — a way to easily find the brands that use high quality materials, solid construction and sustainable methods. For consumers that care about those aspects of fashion, this platform could make shopping infinitely easier.

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